Wednesday, August 08, 2012

vlr - return to bubble metropolis (drexciya tribute)

since our curiousity is on the red planet, i have decided to take a trip to mars and pressed the play on vlr's drexciya tribute mix. they take you earlier to an interstellar drive than many things in this galaxy, so lay back and enjoy the view.

(here is a shorter tribute and vlr's basic channel and aphex twin tribute mixes)

Drexciya - Intro (The Unknown Aquazone)
Drexciya - Davey Jones Locker (VA - True People: The Detroit Techno Album)
Drexciya - Dehydration (The Quest)
Drexciya - Organic Hydropoly Spore (Neptune's Lair)
Underground Resistance - Electronic Warfare (Drexciya Electric Eel Mix) (Electronic Warfare - The Mixes)
Drexciya - Dead Man's Reef (The Quest)
Elecktroids - Mystery World (Electroworld)
The Other People Place - Sorrow & A Cup of Joe (Sunday Night At The Laptop Cafe)
Abstract Thought - Solar Pulse (Hypothetical Situations)
Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 2 (Mice or Cyborg)
Transllusion - Dirty South Strut (L.I.F.E.)
Japanese Telecom - Nipponese Robots (Japanse Telecom)
Arpanet - P2101V (Wireless Internet)
Arpanet - Gravitational Lense (Inertial Frame)
Dopplereffekt - Radiometer (Gesamtkunstwerk)
Glass Domain - Fairy (Glass Domain)
Dopplereffekt - Holomorphic n-0 Form (Calabi Yau Space)
Drexciya - Aqua Worm Hole (Bubble Metropolis)
Drexciya - The Plankton Organization (Harnessed The Storm)
Drexciya - Hydro Cubes (Molecular Enhancement)
Drexciya - Hydro Theory (The Journey Home)
L.A.M. - Death Toll (Balance of Terror)
Drexciya - Nautilus 12 (Deep Sea Dweller)
Drexciya - Bubble Chamber (The Unknown Aquazone)
Drexciya - Bang Bang (The Return of Drexciya)
Clarence G - Clarence G's Club (Safety Copy 01)
Japanese Telecom - Cigarette Lighter (Virtual Geisha)
Eleckroids - Floatation (Electroworld)
Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 3 (Mice or Cyborg)
Drexciya - Drexcyen Star Chamber (Grava 4)
Transllusion - Dimensional Glide (The Opening of The Cerebral Gate)
Shifted Phases - Scattering Pulsars (The Cosmic Memoirs…)
Drexciya - Digital Tsunami (Harnessed The Storm)
Drexciya - Intro 2 (The Unknown Aquazone)
Drexciya - Aquatacizem (Interstellar Fugitives)
Drexciya - Aquarazorda (The Unknown Aquazone)
Drexciya - Wavejumper (Aquatic Invasion)
Der Zyklus - Formenverwandler (Der Zyklus II)
Drexciya - Sighting in The Abyss (Aquatic Invasion)
Drexciya - Andean Sand Dunes (Neptune's Lair)
Drexciya- Song of The Green Whale (Harnessed The Storm)
Drexciya - Draining The Tanks (Neptune's Lair)
Drexciya - Interstellar Crime Report (Interstellar Fugitives)

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