Sunday, April 14, 2013

mala essential mix @ radio 1 13 apr 2013

time is passing, styles go boom and fade out, but there are some fixed coordinates in the vast universe of music. mala have been a cornerstone of bass weighty music since the early days of dubstep and dmz. you know the score, if you are a regular, so i just cut the text and let you enjoy a leap through time and styles in a sequel to mala's essential mix from 2006. many of my faves he played, the intro track for example is one of my most played intro tunes too... anyway, listen, learn and download.

mark pritchard - ?
augustus pablo - east of the river nile
little roy - hurt not the earth
dennis brown - promised land
bob marley - running away
Rhythm & Sound - Friend
aly & robbie - shabby attack
mala & aimbad - noche suenos
ballaké sissoko & toumani diabaté - bafoulabe
mala - body clock delay
mala & sgt. pokes - answer me
quest - dubfoot
mala- lean forward
silkie - neckback
mala - blue notez
coki - intergalactic
loefah - punisher
mala - torn at the roots
coki - serious
coki - coral reef
fat freddy's drop - cays crays (digital mystikz remix)
compa - alpha
pinch - swish (distance remix)
mala - miracles
las - tic
mala - changuito
mala - cuba electronica
loefah - disco rekka
tunnidge - twenty12
kromestar - jedeye
kode9 - 9 samourai
swindle - last minute googie
mala - anti-war dub (VIP)
mala - changes (james blake remix)

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