Thursday, April 04, 2013

tuba nyc @ april 2013

the new york division of the nyc/cisco based tuba records started his bi-weekly show on bakir behind the decks dropped a pack of forthcomings and exclusives as you could expect. blissful melodies, dubwise bass and nice percussions make the set aimed to a sunny spring ride.

Prism - Psychophysical Intelligence (Forthcoming Lutetia Delight)
Cuddlemonster - Ebo (Forthcoming on TUBA digital)
Subtle Mind - Jelly Roll (Forthcoming on TUBA)
Djunya - Full Circle [BRAPD014]
Moldy - Regenerate (Daega Sound Rmx) [TUBA 005]
Rozi - No Ice (Forthcoming on TUBA digital)
Vivek - Big Bang [MEDI042]
D-Operation Drop - Rhyno (dub)
CIVILIANSOUND! - Call Response (Forthcoming Dubs Alive)
De Niro - Flipbook [GAMMA037]
Mesck - Conquista (Dub)
J Kenzo - Nocturnal Feelings [TUBA 002]
D-Operation Drop - Genesis (Forthcoming on TUBA digital)
Compa - Timelapse (Forthcoming on TUBA)
AxH - Opiate (Forthcoming on TUBA)
Roommate - Locks Upon Mi Head (Dubsworth Remix) [AVOCAUDIO]
Cessman - Gurkha [SINS009]
Moldy - Bad Habits (Brixton VIP) [TUBA 005]
Prism - Future Samba [VIP] (Forthcoming on TUBA)
Bakir - Deep End (Forthcoming Interchill)
Daega Sound - State Of Mind [BLKBXXX10]
Konvex - Carrion (Forthcoming on TUBA)
Prism - Ocean Of Wisdom (RDG Remix) (!!!!!!!)
Cuddlemonster - Back Jah (Forthcoming on TUBA digital)
AxH - Diva (Dub)
Prism - Future Samba (Compa Remix) (Forthcoming on TUBA)
Warsa - Deluded (Dub)
Juss B - Below (Forthcoming on TUBA digital)
The Spit Brothers - Beg To Differ (DJG Reformat) [TUBA 002]
D-Operation Drop - Origami (Forthcoming on TUBA digital)
Prism & Valor - Biodigital Jazz (Ft. Alicia Kiah) (Forthcoming Subaltern Records)
Bakir - Going Down Slow [FMCD 003]
The Spit Brothers - By the Fire (Bakir's Reboot) (Forthcoming Dubs Alive)
J-Hilla - Obey (Dub)
Joaan - Out Of Slang [7EVEN21]
AxH - Tunnel Through (Forthcoming on TUBA)
Truth - All Alone [TUBA 003]
Gantz - Enso [IMRV003]

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