Monday, September 30, 2013

c0p @ sep 2013

almost two decades of surfing on airwaves made me feel a bit empty without having a regular show in the last 3 years. after the residency between 2008-2010, i’ve been just having guest appearances on various stations. now, exactly 5 years after the launch of the residency, my monthly bassweight showcase has finally found a new home at london’s from now ongoing you can catch me playing at 4-6pm (gmt) on the last friday of every month and well, expect the usual boundary breaking bass flow.

 in this show of old fashioned 2 decks live recording you get many hybrids between 115-150 bpm, from huge classics to unreleased dubplates, from fairy melodies to wrecking basslines. i prefer blending the aesthetics of many styles and genres, what you can experience on my second ride. be my guest!

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