Friday, October 03, 2014

mixmag in session - peverelist

the precious punch drunk's 'worth the weight vol.2' compilation is upon us, so you the head honcho peverelist is spinning a feature session at mixmag to represent the event, with an additionall dose of his and friends more recent project, livity sound. superb hypnotic spaced out bass business on repeat, but what else would you expect from one of bristols true innovators? oh, by the way, have you seen the livity sound dubspot interview yet?

Kowton 'More Games' (MM/KM More Names remix) (Livity Sound)
Beneath 'Fuck Ya'll'
Batu 'MK9'
Pev & Hodge 'Something Else'
Hodge 'Resolve' (Punch Drunk)
Asusu 'Velez' (A Made Up Sound Remix 2) (Livity Sound)
Brassfoot 'Foxhole' (Apron)
Bruce 'Tilikum' (Livity Sound)
Hodge 'Amor Fati' (Livity Sound)
Low Concept 'Bugz' (Alex Coulton remix) (White Asega)
Bruce 'Just Getting Started' (Livity Sound)
Spatial 'Primatives' (Bass Clef interpretation) (Broken20)
Jitterbug 'Jus Drums' (Uzuri)
Facta 'Poliwhirl' (Wisdom Teeth)
Peverelist 'Kinetics' (Magic & Dreams)
Peverelist 'Roll With the Punches' (Kowton Linear mix) (Punch Drunk)

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