Saturday, August 06, 2005

matt`s brand nu

ruhr area`s matt flores has just passed his brand nu mix. if you liked the one before or you enjoyed his mix on our gig, you`ll love "we declare ghettotec" too! tracklisting from the metrosoul soulja`s set:
1.buckyonegone_ m.i.a. :mattsVIPbrokenBeatssweets : [Meta CDR]
2.Take me to Las Vegas_Ben Human : [Unique]
3.Luminity_Matt Flores-outerrim EP : [metromusic]
4.Soon come_Daz-Kue feat. colonel red : [Bitta Sweet]
5.Blaze n Cook_Stereotype feat. Shagon radioSlaveRmx : [Klein]
6.its in the mix_Slim remixed by chatau Flight : [Crippled wax]
7.Rinsin_Matt Flores feat.LiL`t & Kemo MC : [Meta CDR]
8.Future Warrior _d`Stephanie_feat.Philippo : [Sonar Collective]
9.YinYang_Seiji feat. Spoonface : Honest John
10.Ready She Ready_Tuby T Seiji Rmx : [51.state] with that_I:cube feat. RZA : [Versatile]
12.Hot Shit_Dj Angola feat.Jemini : [Pulver]
13.Boogie Bridge_Delgui featMarilyn David/gerds 4 Lux rmx : [4 LUX]
14.Nu Style_Stereotype feat. Dj Collage
15.Gimme the Light_Sean Paul/Matts BootyRelick : [Meta CDR]
16.Make him Shake it_Wahoo feat. Capitol A : [Sonar Collectiv]

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