Monday, August 08, 2005

old bits: skream, j da flex, hotflush

a few more mixes i can`t live without... first a set from last year which i still find very good. as i listen to his tracks melted into his set skream is on fire for sure. then i have to mention el sid and paul rose`s wicked set on 29 july @ pyro radio which includes a lot of new hotflush and scuba tunes. just check the tracklist. deep, deep dub illness with lots of bass infection. be prepared! and finally the last dubstep ting for 2day.. i cant stop listening to the very last j da flex`s underground knowledge show on 1xtra from last tuesday. definitely the end of an era (tracklist).

i`ll be off for a while as i received a lot new stuffs from my supporters. the deadline is close at the magazine and about 50 records are smiling at me. they beg for some attention. they get my reviews :) then i have to finish a few graphic designs and will go rest a bit with water and sunshine.

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