Thursday, September 22, 2005

a c i e e d

ronny pries (thinnerism, forte) strikes back again with a nice old school acid mix. you can still grab or listen the mindblowing first set from my site which i included to my acid dance lexicon article (hungarian). now you can check "back in the days again".

01. Spanky - Acid bass (Trax Records)
02. Lidell Townsell - I’ll make you dance (Trax Records)
03. Adonis - The poke (DJ International)
04. Mike Dearborn - New dimension (Muzique)
05. Maurice Joshua - I got a big dick (Trax Records)
06. Foremost poets - Reasons to be dismal (Nu Groove)
07. Derrick May - Wiggan Re-Mix (Pheerce City)
08. Gene Hunt - Acid manners (Djax UP)
09. Joe Lewis - One on One (Target Records)
10. MD III - Face the nation (Underground)
11. Robert Armani - Invasion (Dance Mania)
12. Raz - Baila (Ralphie Rosario razzamatazz remix) (DJ International)
13. The Untouchables - Yeah C’mon (Strictly Rhythm)
14. Armando - 151 (Muzique)
15. Brandon Cooke feat. Roxanne Shante - Sharp as a knife (BCM)
16. Paul Rutherford - Get real (Happy House mix) (4th & Broadway)
17. Acid Junkies - Sector 9 (Djax UP)
18. Lil Louis - Frequency (Dance Mania)
19. Open House & Placid Angels - Aquatic (Buzz)
20. Phuture - The creator (Jack Trax)
21. The Traxxmen - Emergency (Muzique)
22. Underground Resistance - Micronaut+7 (UR)
23. Paris Grey - Don’t lead me (2001 Mix) (Network)
24. Mix Masters - House Express (Tyree’s transfer mix) (DJ International)
25. Paperclip People - Gypsy Man (Buzz)
26. Cybersonik - Cabaret 7 (+8)

1 comment:

Debector said...

great selection, acid and chicago house at its best !!!
but the link you put is another mix, old skool too, but not this one.
where can i listen to this mix please??
thank you for your blog.