Thursday, December 13, 2007


i`ve finished this wicked book what was described different by several readers. some say it`s some kind of hybrid cyberpunk novel taking place in the present days of budapest. others say its a dark conspiracy filled utopia. for me it was a well written novel filled with seductive pictures presented by catchy words. tons of describing sentences, lack of dialogues. a story about a talented freelance comic writer who needs to join to a company to turn his idea into a successful new serie. its all about his freelancing and corporate lifestyle taking act in a dark toned metropolis (budapest) filled with subcultural aspects and at the end some mediahacking guerilla moves. a very good book from a young writer who plays the bass in a respected hungarian band (kimnowak) besides his quality appearances as a journalist and writer.

find out more about the book on his myspace or the book`s site. you can find a few bits about the author here and here and one of his articles about comics.

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