Thursday, December 13, 2007

martyn @ sub fm / 3024 was born

boomnoise+pokes asked martyn for a guest mix for their sub fm slot and the formerly dutch guy dropped this set. watch out, this is heavy techno influenced dubstep set at its best! just how i love it. watch out martyn`s new label titled "3024". his first shot velvet/twenty four is out now. if you love detroit fuelled funk on a dubstep tip its a must for you! melancholic melody rides the night in "velvet" which is kind of uncommon in dubstep`s darker matter. so now you get your daily bit of catchy mood and subtle subs that evolve til the end of the tune. on the flip you can swing along to the 2step beats and chord fuelled deep space of "twenty four". focusing on both tunes you will confront some classic memories of horsepower`s el-b but in a unique way. martyn`s way. lovely twelve and now you can hear more of his forthcoming stuffs. i just miss his first hit "broken"`s kind of reprogrammed dubness called suburbia (out soon on appleblim`s label!)
1. metroline - so far (baxter priestly's 1st step 2 dub mix) (stainless audio)
2. a made up sound - d1 (soloaction)
3. andy stott - fear of heights (modern love)
4. sid le rock - naked dj koze mix (cereal killers)
5. burial - shell of light (hyperdub)
6. trg - broken heart martyns dcm mix (hessle audio)
7. heny g - retro love (?)
8. badawi - den of drumz kode9 remix (?)

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