Tuesday, April 29, 2008

dance lexicon:electro+loads of flyers

the electro dance lexicon was printed in freee magazine so its time to upload! i`ve finished this in february and you`re free to read now :) it covers the whole evolution from electro(nic) funk in the late 60`s to the future of electrobreaks and electronica. blends from the graffiti fuelled streets of new york to the detroit and european progression. there is a catch: its only in hungarian... i simply dont have time to translate the articles :(

in exchange check these OLD SCHOOL hophop flyers back from 70`s. watch and learn! i remember when i drew posters without photoshop and my only weapon was ink and paper. the cut`n`paste and letraset techniques with ink on these flyers instantly absorbs a few decades of information technology :D hundreds of flyers and if thats not enough just jump on this collection of early detroit flyers. this is too much for one single post! :) so i wont show another detroit collection.

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