Tuesday, April 29, 2008

roko`s debut @ sub fm 22 set 2007

just found a nice set on dubstepforum...


deestant rockers - threedub [unreleased]
the subdivision - lo so [unreleased]
claw - antisocial [unreleased]
flippo - rain [unreleased]
clouds - elders [unreleased]
whiteboi - king david dub [unreleased]
digital - rifle riddim [forthcoming mission impossible]
takomo - helix [unreleased]
trg - decisions [unreleased]
clouds - no good man die [unreleased]
whiteboi - spinal [unreleased]
robbing hood - robin of sherwood [unreleased]
dj distance - dark crystal [boka]
loefah - horror show [dmz]
skream - traitor [ital]
mala - forgive [deep medi musik]
dysfunktion - eternal [unreleased]
matoa - hullwatt [unreleased]
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downliners sekt - rewrite your memory [dsekt]
takomo - death in the stratosphere [forthcoming urban graffiti]
elemental - strange brew [forthcoming runtime]
dz - technique [unreleased]
claw - freedom [unreleased]
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takomo - mindfuck [unreleased]
rusko - william h tonkers [forthcoming 2nd drop]
abz - bumpy (wascal remix) [unreleased]
reso - logical [forthcoming destructive]
elemental - sirens refix [forthcoming runtime]
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pepe bradock - deep burnt (wascal mix) [unreleased]
reso - identity [forthcoming scud]
docwra & excision - massacre (dz remix) [unreleased]
claw - ruckus [forthcoming suicide dub]
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ruckspin & quark - chilling with bruce in gotham [unreleased]
clouds - the dust blows forward [unreleased]
ruckspin, quark & planas - son of thunder [unreleased]
shut up and dance! - da night bus (reso remix) [forthcoming shut up and dance music]

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