Monday, January 12, 2009

a few articles

i`ve been in a good relationship with the legendary transition studio`s very own LD. i got my first dubs from him in early 2007 and since then i`ve been listening how fast his skills are improving. it was high time to question him about everything. 2nd drop label boss markle made a feature with him for the forthcoming ATM magazine. read it here.
LD was also asked on martin clark`s wicked monthly session in august at pitchfork media, you`d better
check that out too.
i wanted to advice another recent interview by markle with starkey who just released his album epheremal exhibits on planet mu. you can even grab a nas+lauren hill bootleg from starkey while reading the interview. grimey.
and for last there are a few hungarian articles about the dj exam phenomenon. a few blokes wanna have a law that every hungarian dj must take an exam to get license, of course for a nice amount of money. no one will be allowed to play without this license. its fucking ridiculous as only the hungarian djs are banned from the booth. the alliance of hungarian djs states that just a few unknown underground self proclaimed dj wannabe attacks the license who doesn`t even have license. of course. i don`t have either. i`ve been spinning for 15 years, writing for 10 in one of the best mags and i`m still an amateur in their eyes without their 2 weeks long yet very expensive course and expensive exam. who cares, i`m amateur then. whatever.

i think we are the only country where shit happens. the same type of wankers were able to legalise any music from any illegal source if you pay them. you pay, they give a sticker to your cdr and they don`t ask anything. above that if you pay a price of 40 vinyls, they state that you are free to use anything legally from cdr`s, pendrives, ableton, whatever you want for a YEAR. what the heck? legal? insane. so here are a few articles and opinions i read recently about this dj license in hungarian. - is the dj responsible for my child? should he? - the dj exam arrived to the parlament
report at tv2 - dj exam and sucking - is zsolt a dickhead? - secret magic course (2006)
and for last, another article on quart about the situation of the hungarian music culture. interviews by several key party organisers from our "underground" scene. read them here and here i think it`s enough. i`ll post a nice set :D

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