Monday, January 12, 2009

shorty awards

twitter is for the bored. well to tell the truth i also have an account but i don`t use it socialising with others (13:30 i`m gonna fart, 13:31 done, 13:40 i love mobile internet, etc...) it`s so lame to use it besides intant messengers, irc and blogging. but there are these shorty awards. if you wanna use it wiser, it`s for you. you have fed up with your twitters metabolism and reading their everyday routine which i gues is boring to them and they wanna get you bored too? :D you can find some useful twitter accounts where the owner is constantly dropping wicked links in several categories like design, humour, science, photgraphy. i have a new friend, he`s a kind of known. he is darth vader.
"Flight attendant told me to turn off my "electronic devices". One mind trick later, I'm still breathing. The same can't be said for her."
he`s cool :)

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