Saturday, June 27, 2009

coleco - june mix

another upcoming bristolian name to remember coleco had a neat tune released on forsaken`s soul motive records. a few days back he made a nice set of very deep and melodic tunes with a friendly dose of beats. you won`t be disappointed with this soulfood.


Coleco - Influence
Burial - Unite
Fanu - You May Fall But Don't Hide Your Face
Eleven Tigers - Prosthesis
Toasty - Reflect
Coleco - Moonlight
Burial - Ghost Hardware
Fanu - Burning The Bridge
Coleco - Breathwork
Toasty - Splash
Eleven Tigers - Shanty
Roqqert - Give It
Kontext - Aeromonarch Attacks
Coleco - Deep Red Sun
Toasty - Angel
Jamie Vex'd - Radient Industry
Coleco - Smokey

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