Friday, June 26, 2009


yet another fine pick on getdarker TV`s next episode. kicking off with croydon based shiverz followed by the rinse fm vets the commitee but the next sets gave me the extra. old school badboy scientist drops a massive set of unreleased and VIP dubplates haven`t surfaced since 2003! i still remember a scientists b2b el sid st from 2004... this old school breakstep set catapults you back to the begining of a new era when bass and deepness were the keywords besides drumworks. and for last reso is back with a hi octane filthy bass affair as usual. reso`s set with rougestar/urban graffiti on the mic is tight and leave you alone filled with energy. well, you can see scientist and reso`s sets in the player. and here is the whole video set in one.

download scientist-getdarker 16

download reso-getdarker 16

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