Saturday, September 05, 2009

fact mag 80 - faltyld

new yorker faltydl is bombing every top mags with his sets. no question why and it`s still recommended to grab this too as it`s again different to the previous ones. this is more a preview of his sonic world with an extra load of a few mates` tunes. unreleased and forthcoming tunes from his mini album plus more. check it and download til it lasts (3 weeks)!

1. FaltyDL 'Discant' Planet-Mu
2. FaltyDL 'Our Love' Planet-Mu
3. sbtrkt '2020' RAMP Recordings
4. FaltyDL 'Party' RAMP Recordings
5. FaltyDL 'Human Meadow' Planet-Mu
6. FaltyDL 'Human Meadow Luke Vibert Micks' Planet-Mu
7. FaltyDL 'Must Sustain' Planet-Mu
8. Wax Stag 'The Wash' People In The Sky
9. FaltyDL 'Hip Love' RAMP Recordings
10. MJ Cole 'Sincere' Talkin' Loud
11. FaltyDL 'Wallow' unreleased
12. FaltyDL 'Anxiety' Planet-Mu
13. FaltyDL 'Tronman' Planet-Mu
14. Luke Vibert 'Belief File' Planet-Mu
15. Gemmy 'Rainbow Road' Planet-Mu
16. Boxcutter 'Sidetrak' Planet-Mu

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