Tuesday, September 08, 2009

fact mag 81 - 2562

the dutch minimal-dubstep crossover master drops one tune from his forthcoming album and plays more from the techny side. 2562 haven`t done any sets in ages so it`s high time to show what you can expect on a live session: this is how he prefers to play in clubs nowdays. warming up with old and new housey stuff and then lets the bass go. quite nice set! read more about his forthcoming album unbalance forthcoming in november @ tectonic and the rest. download the set before it expires in 3 weeks! here is the link to the original fact page.

Starfighterz - Flavour 1
Telex - Raised by Snakes (Shake remix)
Deetron - Let's Get Over It (Marcel Dttmann remix)
A Made Up Sound - Bounce
Solid Groove - Flookin' remix
Shortstuff & Hyetal - Don't Sleep
Seiji - Yo Voy remix
A Made Up Sound - Rework
Jack Sparrow - Terminal
Untold - Never Went Away
2562 - Lost
Geiom - Reminiscin' (Kode 9 remix)
St Files - Tek Dub
Martyn - Mega Drive Generation
Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor remix)
? - Idle Hands 001b
Thomas Bangalter - What to Do
Tom Trago - Lost in the Streets of NYC (Actress remix)
Elemental - Undulating Elf (2562 edit)

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