Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fact 234 -pangaea

yesh, one third of the hessle audio head honchos is here with a long awaited fact feature. the respected mag have been waiting for pangaea`s contribution for at least two years. the camp is really excited with the end results and i bet my fellow music minds in pecs would jump on that download button as well, since they enjoyed a lot his and seven`s set about a month ago. some of the guys in pecs might not understand why did he play `house` on a dubstep gig... well lads, ask the whole scene why have they voted hessle audio (and their activity) to the top in almost every category @ dubstep awards. because the future sound of the bass music is melting every genre into one healthy mixture. read more at the fact site.

FACT mix by pangaea

Gerritt Wittmer – Vessel
FaltyDL – It’s All Good
STL – Birdart
Will Saul & Tam Cooper – Hi Lo (Sideshow Remix)
Aardvark – Nosestep
Gemini – A Moment Of Insanity
Blawan – Hollow It Out
Icicle – Condense
WK7 – Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Remix)
Transportation AAD – Last Train To Lexington
Pinch – Get Out Of Here
Objekt – Untitled
Shake Shakir – The Floor Filler (Skudge’s Floor Killer Remix)
The House Crew – Get On Up (Edit)
Pearson Sound – Project
Pangaea – Won’t Hurt
Lawrence English – Cycles
STL – Nocturnal Mixdowns Loop 1
Pangaea – Runout
Martyn – Bad Chicago
Sicko Cell
Boddika – Windy
Peverelist – Fundementals
Skudge – Convolution (2562 Remix)
Jeff Mills – Condor To Mallorca
Scorp – New Energy
Addison Groove – This Is It
Superisk – Life Is Live
Coki – Carbon Aliens
Kode 9 & Spaceape – Otherman
Objekt – The Goose That Got Away
The Criminal Minds – Baptised By Dub

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