Friday, June 24, 2011

clashmusic mix - deadbeat

two lads are just about to release their long players and to make a tiny hype they got attention on clashmusic. you might saw detroit`s very own deepchord in the mix as a regular reader and now its time to check the other artist coming from the dubbier side of minimal and let him guide you through a variety of tunes without strict boundaries. deadbeat is about to release the first longplayer on his freshly born label read blkrtz which is actually a five tracker album by himself. more and download at the clashmusic site.

1. Pantha du Prince - Welt am Draht (Mortiz Von Oswald version) [Rough Trade]
2. Sven Weissman - Caprice [Mojuba]
3. The Mole - For the Lost [Internajonal]
4. Farben - Live at the Sahara Tahoe [Faitiche]
5. Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts - Walking the Pattern [Circus Company]
5. Matias Aguayo - Dance Machine [Kompakt]
6. Ernesto Ferreyra - Mille y Una Noches [Cadenza]
7. Efdemin - Shoeshine (Deadbeat Remix) [Dial]
8. Isolee - Thirteen Times an Hour [Pampa]
9. Shed - Keep Time [Ostgut Ton]
10. Addison Groove - Make Um Bounce [Tectonic]
11. Jurgen Paape - Triumph [Kompakt]
12. 2562 - Aquatic Family Affair [When in Doubt]
13. Sebastian San - Shades [Echocord Colour]
14. Cobblestone Jazz - Sun Child [Wagon Repair]
15. Deadbeat - Fourth Quarter (Cala’s House) [BLKRTZ]

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