Wednesday, June 22, 2011

truth - puppets mix

echoed straight outta rockers! another stormer by the truth guys, this time a set fired the dubwar nyc resident joe nice's show and all heads in new zealand could grab it on a cd near a local record shop alongside all remixes appearing on the set. thats what we call dubstep since the beginning. no filth, no bro, no other silly names, only deepness and bass.

0:00 Puppets
1:35 Puppets (Tunnidge remix)
3:25 Legion (Optimus Gryme remix)
4:47 Juno
6:08 Burglar
6:38 Burglar (Crushington Remix)
8:00 Terror Planet VIP
9:50 The Know (with Bulletproof)
11:26 Don't Explain (Riskotheque & Marchmellow remix)
12:48 Don't Explain (tease)
14:24 Wicked Vibe Broccoli (Dutty Ranks remix)
16:27 Lab Rat
19:10 Indigo Mood
20:34 Dead Silence
22:39 Masters of the Stars
24:10 Invaded! (Bulletproof remix)
25:47 Invaded!
27:40 More Dangerous
29:46 The Fatman
31:10 Under Current (with Ben Verse)

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