Tuesday, October 23, 2007

crazy times

a minor part of the hungarians are celebrating our rise up in a strange way. a few hundred peope rioting in budapest. crazyness! i`m filled with sorrow by losing szicsu and we are watching the tv with all these 100% homegrown hungarians who are bombing with molotov cocktails, pulling cars claiming the prime minister`s leaving. just because they think the actual government is bad... instead of thinking about their twisted thoughts lets speak about another sad thing. yesterday we collected a few awesome beats and held a tribute show to size nine on periscope fm.

petya thought we should do a show for sizenine who was witnessed by a car accident 19th october 2007. the studio was filled with sorrow and the selections were vibrating between atmospheric and deep drum and bass cuts in our taste. size nine loved both bassweight and liquid rolling grooves. anett misses you too szilard! you can grab petya and my sets. szab played another half hour too what i was unable to upload...

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