Wednesday, May 14, 2008

markle - 2nd drop show @ sub fm 05 may 2008


Inner Circle – Irey Feeling (Trojan)
Sly & Robbie – Sun is Shining Version (Striker Lee)
Sugar Minnot – I Man Have No Luck In Gambling (Music Rock)
Wailing Souls – A Fool Will Fall (Jah Guidance)
Black Roots Players – Rub and Dub (Black Roots)
Clouds – Under The Dancing Feet – Steppah Version (Unreleased)
Eddie Grant - Living On The Frontline (Ice)
Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Epic)
Dabrye ft AG – Get Dirty (Ghostly International)
Redman – Sooperman Luva II (Def Jam)
J-Live ft Charlie 2Na – The Zone (BBE)
Remdog – Long Ago and Far Away (Myuzyk)
Piece of Shhh… Desert Island (Unreleased)
LD – Clockwatching (Ringo)
Skream – Morning Blues (Tempa)
Eskmo – Willow Grail (Studio Rockers)
12th Planet – Ptera Patrick (Dub)
Benga & Walsh – Addicts (Texture)
Mundo – Train To Ibrox (Forthcoming Dub Assembly)
Hitten – Large Up - Twisted Remix (Unreleased)
Pachekco & Cardopusher – Lemma (Unreleased)
2562 – Moog Dub (Forthcoming Tectonic)
Martyn – Suburbia (Forthcoming Applepips)
Pinch – Chamber Dub (Forthcoming Soul Jazz)
Vivek – Natural Mystiks (Unreleased)
LD vs Cluekid – Gorilla Warfare (Dub)
Reso – Metal Slug (Unreleased)

Digital Mystikz – Haunted (DMZ)
Cypress Hill – Ain’t Goin Out Like That (Columbia)
Michigan & Smiley – Rub a Dub Style (Studio One)

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