Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MAH 14 jan 2009 - 7even and hotflush

definitely two of my fav labels in one show. a must have. i`ll post another link and audio when there is another source than rapidflash :)

Wiley - 'Off The Radar' (Dubplate)

Headhunter & Luke Envoy – ‘Reactive (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus & Declaime - 'Lit Up' (Ramp Recordings)
Harmonic 313 - 'Cyclotron' from the LP 'When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence' (Warp)
Gatekeeper feat. Grilza & Dread MC - 'Ignite' (Dubplate)
2000F & JKamata - 'You Don't Know What Love Is' (Hyperdub)
Wireman - 'Axiom' from the 'Armour EP' (Prime Numbers)
Starkey & Durrty Goodz - 'Gutter Music VIP' (Keysound)

Label Showcase: 7even vs Hotflush
7even in the Mix
Likhan - 'The Dawn'
Likhan - 'Redlight'
Helixir - 'Deep Run'
F - 'Subterra'
Likhan - 'Ravin Ghost'
Helixir - 'Narcotik Dub Refix'
Helixir - 'Black Cat'
F - 'Angebot'
F - 'Epilogue' (Ramadanman Rerub)

Hotflush in the mix
Toasty / Mount Kimbie – ‘Intro’
Sigha – ‘Rachett’ (Dub)
Untold – ‘Dante’ (Hotflush)
Pangaea – ‘Mosaix’ (Hotflush)
Sigha – ‘Bruised’ (Hotflush)
Mount Kimbie – ‘William’ (Hotflush)
Sigha – ‘Love is Ending’ (Dub)
Scuba – ‘Bleach’ (Dub)
Pangaea – ‘Bear Witness’ (Hotflush)
Toasty – ‘The Knowledge’ [Untold Remix] (Hotflush)

Floating Points - 'Radiality' (Elgo)
Lemonade - 'Big Weekend' from the LP 'Lemonade' (True Panther)
Hudson Mohawke - 'Overnight' (Warp)
Slugabed - 'Getobonk' (Dubplate)
Millie - 'Path To Hell' (Daphne)
Horsepower - 'Damn It' (Tempa Dubplate)
FaltyDL - 'TOM@RAMP' (Ramp Recordings)

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