Tuesday, February 10, 2009

scion+tikiman live @ house square/dublin 2 july 2004

scion (pete kunschnereit+rene lowe) were one of the key figures of the `90s well known berlin based chain reaction label. the source of the so-called berlin dub found a new treasure island on the techno/dub scene. lowe were done one if the most outstanding deep digitalism by his alias vainqueur (just check his elevations album).
the deep space cinematography of rich textures, minimalistic structures melt into analog fuzzy soundscapes, heavy dose of dub and 4/4 beats made the mostly berlin based basic channel collective timeless and immortal. pete while working at hard wax and djing around germany made the first chain reaction release (scion-emerge) alongside rene and spread the new sound. scion made a genre defining mixture of the previous basic channel&co material in 2002. robert henke`s (out of monolake) ableton live was helped them define the scene. in 2006 they started their new label scion versions. well worth checking.
their live set is supported by the talented vocalist raised up in grandbay/dominica. in 1993 tikiman producer a cd with his band "golden squad" and concerted with artists like prince ital joe, bunny wailer, third world, yelloman, and many more. later he settled down in the innovative scene of berlin during a tour. after many collabs and concerts and own works he made a close connection with moritz von oswald and mark ernestus the founders of basic channel and chain reaction to develop the sound to the next level with rhythm&sound. the sublabels burial mix, rhythm&sound and main street records were born besides in 2000 he started out his own label false tuned as a sublabel of basic channel.

this is a live session of both well worth listening for all minimal heads.


scion with tikiman . solaris . bloemdaal beach nl . 20.08.00
scion with tikiman . demf . detroit us . 27.05.00
mortiz von oswald + tikiman . shanti . 11.04.08
rhythm+sound . paxahau 8 . detroit us . 03.09.06
rhythm+sound live with tikiman . boombox . ch . 04.00
rhythm+sound . ps1 warm up . nyc us . 02.09.06


youneed said...

Is there any chance you could reupload this? :~(

youneed said...

Is there any chance you could reupload these sets? :(