Thursday, January 29, 2009

hardcore continuum / zomby / grandmaster flash

as the wire reached the 300. issue they publish a serie of simon reynolds`s hardcore continuum which is a first person view to the evoluton of uk music scene covering the years of 1992-2005 from rave to jungle to garage and grime. the first 3 parts can be located here.
the introduction to the series archive
01. the ardkore and "rush culture, november 1992
tambient jungle, from that glorious summer of 1994
03. the state of drum&bass, june 1995
if you haven`t read enough, jump on to an xlr8r interview by zomby (hyperdub, werkdiscs, heavy artillery) who evocates the spirit of rave culture in his new productions. more glowing 8-bit beats than ever. and for last, an interview with the grandmaster flash himself as he releases a new album in february!

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