Wednesday, March 04, 2009

FACT mag 32 - tes la rok

the finnish souljah of dubstep since day one. tes la rok has both sides: one with fat skanked out wobblers what easily bring down the walls of jericho and another with moody dub affair of mellow vibes and fat bass. he was spotted on dubstep awards 2006 (best international newcomer) and i think there is no dancing person who isn`t familiar with his globethrottin remixes on argon in 2007-08 (round the world girls was the best remix in 2007). hear his mix and read the rest.

01. Benga & LD - 3 Phase (Dub)
02. The Others - 5 Knuckle (Dub)
03. Joker & Ginz - Purple City (Dub)
04. Distinction - Fly High (Dub)
05. Tes La Rok - Wah Do Dem (Dub)
06. Subscape - Lion Skank (Dub)
07. Mungos Hi-Fi - Wikidness [Tes La Rok Remix] (Dub)
08. LD - Yes Yes (Dub)
09. Tes La Rok - Bwooy (Forthcoming on Noppa)
10. Subeena - Perception (Dub)
11. Desto - untitled (Dub)
12. Tes La Rok - wormhole (Dub)
13. TRG - Brixton Project (Dub)
14. Unknown - Unknown (white)
15. Rico Tubbs - Gansters [Tes La Rok Remix] (Forthcoming on Menu Music)
16. Jack Murda & Junior Murvin [Tes La Rok Remix] (Dub)
17. Tes La Rok - We Nah Run (Dub)

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