Saturday, March 07, 2009

xi - for the love of music

from 8bit beats to every course of dubstep this set from canada worths every second by the upcoming producer xi. grab it instantly from dubfiler.

Hudson Mohawke - Monde (Warp Records)
Dorian Concept - The Fucking FOrmula (Kindred Spirits)
Samiyam - Moon Shoes (Hyperdub)
King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye remix)
Flying Lotus - Orbit 405 (Warp Records)
DJ Shadow - Number Song (Mo Wax)
King Midas Sound - Lost (Flying Lotus remix)
Sigha - Early Morning Lights (dub)
Jus Wan - Submersive (scuba remix) (dub)
Ghetto Zoid vs. Orrphan 101 - Seeking (dub)
Asusu - Small Hours (dub)
Foiled Torsos - Infident (Indigo remix) (dub)
funkethics - Dub Fluid (dub)
DJG - Twenty Four (forth Pushing Red)
Juakali & XI - Nah Understand (Foreign Familiar)
Von D - Truth (Tes la Rok remix) (Black Acre Records)
King Midas Sound - Cool Out (Hyperdub)
Starkey - Murderous Words (dub)
Robotic - Mad Monk (Mesmerize Records)
Juakali - Crows (stereotyp remix) (dub)
Solar Nebulae - It Began with Sound (dub)
DJG & XI - Putney Says (dub)
Von D - So Many Faces VIP (Argon Records)
Tri-Funk - 620 (dub)
XI - Unfair (dub)
2562 - Hijack (3024)
F - Phase One (7even Recordings)
XI - 000 (dub)
Noah D - Got U Now (Subway)
Zero G - Universal Dub (dub)
Sn9 aka KGol - Fish Head (Shift Digital)
NTRLD - Hallucinations (dub)
XI - Lucky (Suite 431 remix)
WaGaWaGa - Selected Importer (Mrepsican)

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