Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hatcha @ atm (interview+mix)

"Sitting there flicking through tunes, picking out ones that were all similar, I started piecing all these together into sets and at the same time, while I’m doing that you’ve got Benga and Skream bringing their own interpretation of it. So yeah, I was piecing together everyone’s stuff and trying to form something.” That ‘something’ turned out to be dubstep."
a nice interview again by markle / 2nd drop records. grab the set here.

Mala - Eyes
Skream – Rollin
Kutz – Freak
Jakes – Justice
Distance – Twilight
Jakes – 3K Lane VIP
Distance – Menace
Benga – Transform
Chimpo – Pump Action
Lost – Slaughtered
Benga Vs Kutz – I’ll Kut Ya
Benga vs Distance – Untitled
Benga – He He He
Coki – The Shizbiz
Skream – Metal Mouth
Jakes – Rock The Bells

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