Thursday, June 25, 2009

the bristol summer special @ 23 jun 2009

wedge hosted another special bristol feature on sub fm. after 3 years wedge was forced to leave the house where he held these special ocassions. to celebrate they did a massive five hours show with a line up i`ve never seen! practically every dj had about 15 mins in b2b sessions and you can imagine the rest if you check this line up:
full hench (wedge, jakes, komonazmuk, gatekeeper), headhunter, pinch, joker, appleblim, peverelist, rsd, gemmy, guido, blazey, al tourets, orrphan 101, atki 2, superisk, forsaken, statix, kidkut, thinking, dub boy, b-lam and mcs like shadz, central spillz, dread. whats huuuge? download from megaupload or grab it below from archive!


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