Tuesday, June 09, 2009


the next episode of getdarkerTV`s weekly brought two hyped names beside the resident darkside in front of the camera. mc jakes doesn`t need any introduction as he started with ez rollers around the milenium and since then he have been mcing a lot for serious names. a few years ago he also started producing tunes and got into dubstep with the bristol based hench posse. he started his label hench to bring new talents to the scene. his bass heavy slo mofo arcade game style is unique to dubstep. here is the audio for his set but i`d highly recommend the other guy too. lost have been making waves with his tunes rinsed by hatcha and now is a part of the hench krew. heavy dose of bass. let me post his session to the player or just download it. and yeh, check the whole video session in one on getdarker!


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