Tuesday, June 02, 2009

ikz podcast 20 bodoo-mayday

my homegrown brother in arms is representing his dope flavored mellow beats on the lick the click posse`s ikz podcast. bodoo bro from pecs is waving tunes of the past 40 years with a cratedigger attitude. worth to listen while you`re reading an interview with him in hungarian! (watch out i`ll strike with a ikz podcast sooonish i just wish to publish first all missing sub.fm archives from this year)


0. Gloria Steinem - Address To The Women Of America
1. Mount Kimbie - William *hotflush
2. Rendben Dan - unknown *demo
3. Zwicker feat. Billy Oden - Dragon Fly *compost black
4. Marshmobil - Dark Star *juno digital
5. Záray Márta és a Módos vokálegyüttes - Dunai Szél *qualiton
6. Breakage feat. David Rodigen - Rain *digital soundboy
7. King Midas Sound - Cool out *hyperdub
8. Giant - Rain Mind *dub police
9. Steve Reich - Counterpoints part I. / Malcolm X - On Black Power
10. Zwicker feat. Matt Didemus - Traumdeuter ( extended version) *compost black
11. El Michaels Affair - Hung up on my Baby *truth and soul
12. Cadik feat. Invincible - Dont look back *allsoundz
13. Invincible - Locusts (feat. Finale, wsg Gwen Mingo & Ron Scott) *emergence
14. Jay Dee - Love (A thing of the Past) *
15. A.K.A. J. Yancey - That Shit (A Tribe Called Quest)
16. Q.Tip - Gettin’ Up *motown
17. George Harrison - On the Bed *apple
18. Noor Jehan - I am very sorry *finderskeepers
19. George Harrison - Dream Scene *apple
20. Moonstarr - Interlude 2. *public transit

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