Thursday, July 09, 2009

urban graffiti show @ sub fm 8th july 2009

yet another stupid show from the breakstep headquarters in landan! the guys at matasyn and urban graffiti went mad on beats and fat dope bass, watch your speakers. i missed the gang leader rouge star on the mike but n-type popped in too for some mc business.


Lone Wolf UG intro
Business man - Crookers vs. Wiley *Reso grotbag remix* (dub)
Dot 2 dot - The Others (dub)
Shock therAphy - Subscape (dub)
F*cking noise - Flux Pavillion vs. Trolley Snatcha
Clear my throat - Subscape (dub)
First call - C23 (FORTHCOMING UG!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Flashback - Sully (FORTHCOMING UG!!!!!!!!!)
That girl - Two Fingers feat. Sway *Spor remix*
Twilight - Distance (dub)
Aggy baggy - H.O.D (dub)
Adachigaharas theme - Shock One
Beasts in the basement - Reso (dub)
Machine music - Subscape (dub)
Circle of fire - 501 (dub)
Forsaken - Rogue-Star (dub)
Believe - Sully (dub)
Otacon - Reso (dub)
Devils kiss - The Sub Division *Rogue-Star remix*
Flave - Vent (dub)
Jump suit adventures - Koan Sound (dub)
Decaying corpse - Orien (FORTHCOMING UG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Butterfly - Full Spektrum (FORTHCOMING MATA-SYN!!!!!!)
As one - Toasty (dub)
Living - Sully (FORTHCOMING UG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Foxy lady - Tony Anthem
Rumble - Reso vs. Vent
Beginning of december - Faun
Truth - Von D *Tes La Rok remix* (Black Acre)
Soles sweat - Debruit *Reso remix* (dub)
Tribe - DJ Madd (dub)
Visions - H.O.D (dub)
New love never lost - J Kenzo (dub)
The hardcore project - H.O.D (Mata-Syn)
Fixed - H.O.D (dub)
Duke St dub - Sully (Mata-Syn)
Basic principles - H.O.D (dub)
Oblivious - H.O.D (forthcoming Art Recordings)

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