Monday, October 26, 2009

ra.podcast178 - fever ray

something for your mind when the intimate privacy of halloween shows up in dark tones. remember, death is not final. only time is passing. fever ray fully loaded this immense set with mellow vibes to the bone. true music that touches the soul. one of the most catchy and out of the box mixes on resident advisor ever. it`s so nice to meet you nosferatu.
download the set (alternative download source) and read some facts about fever ray herself.

01. Neil Young - Guitar Solo 1
02. Yo La Tengo - Everyday
03. Journey To Ixtlan - Corpse On The Mesa
04. Jad & David Fair - Nosferatu
05. Zola Jesus - Devil Take You
06. Bruce Haack - Mean Old Devil
07. Krause - Duo Canopolis
08. Burial Hex - Will To Chapel
09. Suicide - Ghost Rider
10. Amadou & Miriam - Ja Pense À Toi
11. Shackleton - Death Is Not Final
12. Entombed - Night Of The Vampire
13. Maddalena Fagandini - Interval Signals
14. Burundi: Musiques Traditionnelles - Chant Avec Cithare

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