Monday, December 20, 2010

naga - spartai szeretetszolgalat

one of the most influental hungarian dj in the past shows whats hiding under his skin. he was a co-pilot of chi recordings and leaving the duties to his fellow brother in arms fine cut bodies, he invented hairy. i`ve always loved naga`s sets tho i miss the pathfinding and genre hopping attitude since he shapeshifted into a class club dj. well, he turned 40 and still filled with wisdom and sharp views of the scene. read the soundhead interview (in hungarian) and let me advice naga`s four directions (north minimal, east oriental, south dub, west psychedelic), house of compensation and see some more here. i was unable to find his `latexpunk electrodisco` mix but its far off now. he also made a sweet ambient electronica set `journey round my skull` a soundscape tailored to a well known hungarian writer`s novel (more here). have a listen to this new off the club, more laid back `lidokain klub` session named spartan charity service (transmuted from the maltese of course).


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