Friday, February 18, 2011

dubstep awards 2010

hell yeah, last years awards are out. with overhelming hessle audio presence, the list shows what i've been telling in the past three years or so. dubstep holds much more than most of the people think! good to see that this years kids sound (drumstep, filth, brostep and all the raveish whistling wobblers) haven't ruined the scene so far. honestly i've been pushing the sound since 2003-04 in hungary but i've never seen such breakthrough and diversion at the same time than in the past months. several newcomer groups started organizing gigs with the cheap sounds without any perspective. just like jump up dnb or wobblers back in the days. anyway, several of us, old farts breathed freely that there is hope for the future. anywaz, just check the awards right here and start exploring new artists and sound :)

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