Tuesday, September 20, 2011

djrum @ mah xfm 10 sep 2011

at last something new by one of my fave artists! djrum is celebrating his awesome debut on 2nd drop with a mindblowing mini mix for mary anne hobbs' xfm show. its on a heavy rotation on my players, so you'd better start listening how djrum breaks the style barriers! the mix title "soundtrack to an imaginary film" points out: classical music, dub, minimal, 2step, hip hop, dubstep elements just fit perfectly in a set. well, well done by a producer to be taken much more seriously.

DjRUM - Watermark 
DjRUM - Undercoat 
Richter - Shadow Journal 
Pinch - Cave Dream 
Scientist - Ghost of Frankenstein 
Andy Stott - Blocked 
Juggaknots - Epiphany 
Masta Ace - Slaughta House remix (acapella) 
DjRUM - Como Los Certos 
DjRUM - Watermark (remix) 
DjRUM - Mountains (pt.1) Edit

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