Monday, January 02, 2012

kryptic minds @ electronic beats radio dec 2011

the sub low perfectionist kryptic minds returns with an exclusive set for electronic beats radio. si and leon packed the set with freshly cut dubs to give you a sneak peak to the origo of osiris music, their own output. stone cold, precisely balanced halfstep beats driven darkness will absorb your surroundings if you press play on tape. standard quality as always. read the short article at electronic beats and download the set from dnbshare.

00:00:00 Distance - Beyond (Kryptic Minds Remix) Dub 
00:03:53 Kaiju - Clarity - Osiris Music Uk Dub 
00:05:40 Kryptic Minds - Untitled Dub 
00:06:11 Icicle - Acidstep Dub 
00:08:55 Icicle & Youngsta - Momentum Dub 
00:09:22 Kryptic Minds - Dub 
00:11:40 Kryptic Minds - The Talisman Dub 
00:13:30 Biome & Fallen 45 - DMT Dub 
00:16:10 Kryptic Minds - Untitled Dub
00:19:53 Kryptic Minds - Untitled Dub 
00:23:33 Matt - U Unforgiven Osiris Music uk
00:28:05 Kryptic Minds - The Things They Left Behind - Can’t Sleep Album 
00:31:19 Kryptic Minds - Untitled - Dub 
00:33:11 Kryptic Minds - Just After Sunset - Can’t Sleep Album

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