Tuesday, February 28, 2012

getdarker.TV 131 - hatcha&crazy d, dj e2, pistonsbeneath

the mighty hatcha and crazy d came to takeover the getdarker studio with a special mixture of deep and classic beats (starting at 2h30m) and before them dj 2e and pistonsbeneath make the show even darker. you can grab the dj 2e and pistonsbeneath sets by clicking with the righty clickery but you have to fast forward the video for hatcha's firing set. well worth hearing it.

dj 2e
Versa & Biome - Neptune Boot - Re education
Ipman - Raindance
Killawatt - Topio
Artikal - Voyager
Perverse - Neurotic
Sleeper - GTFO (Killawatt remix)
Thelem - Cathetus
Ipman - Radiate
Sleeper - Narrow
Boot - Dagobah
Killawatt - Interplay
Requake & Beezy - Pessimism
Verse - Inhale
Biome & Fallen 45 - Dmt
Lack - Stakeout
Anex - Delusion
J kenzo - Ruffhouse
Mosaix - I release you
Core - Rescue room
Kbeatz & Cauze - Nightmare
Pressa - Conger
Tes la rok - Murda
Skream - Phatty drummer
Rowl - Resouloution
Kryptic minds - Just after sunset
Biome - Propaganda
Pistonsbeneath - Nadir Of Existence [Dub]
Pistonsbeneath - Resonate VIP [Mindstep Music Special]
Pistonsbeneath - Deep Peeping [Dub]
Widowmaker & Digid - Rollin [Dub]
Content - Maori [Dub]
Pistonsbeneath - Black Sleep [Dub]
Clubroot - Scars [Forthcoming Solace Recordings]
A-List - Flags Of Our Fathers [Dub]
Pistonsbeneath - Luminous Body [Mindstep Music]
Surva - Wonbyu [Dub]
Pistonsbeneath - Make Your Enemies By Choice [Dub]
Widowmaker & Digid - Sentinels [Dub]
Perverse - The Iceman [Forthcoming Artikal Music]
Pistonsbeneath - Proserpine [Dub]
Inasound - Backhander [Forthcoming Mindstep Music]
Widowmaker - Revolutions [Free Download]
Pistonsbeneath - Plateau Of Rule [Dub]
Pistonsbeneath - Crystal Spires [Dub]
Boot - Structural Function [Dub]
Subreachers - Devils Eyes [Dub]
Heny G - Arena 1 (Jazzy Jazzy Remix) [Dub]
Skream - Bahl Fwd [Tectonic]
Clubroot - Hellion [Forthcoming Solace Recordings]
Benga - World War 7 [Benga Beats]
Pistonsbeneath - Demonstraitor (Dub)
Thelem - Drones (Core Remix) [Dub]

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