Thursday, July 26, 2012

xlr8r podcast 257 - jon convex

the past weeks news were all about jon convex, one half of the forward thinking dnb duo, instra:mental.  a year ago the guys started solo careers as boddika and jon convex, which made them even better. convex industries is just preparing the first long player which was almost covered by two 4-tracker samplers (check a few tracks here and here), so it was high time to publish a fresh selection. jon's first mix for fact was set the standard and the new xlr8r feature is a blast with mixed up vibes of techno, electro and bass driven, stripped down funk yet again. listen and download the podcast here and you can try the urb magazine feature or the convex podcast series too.

01 Unknown "Untitled"
02 Alex Smoke "Make My Day (Lusine Remix)" (Soma)
03 Mesak "Echos Bones" (Klakson)
04 Lusine "Sunset" (Ghostly)
05 Uner "Lapan To" (Cécille)
06 John Tejada "Fading Memory" (Immigrant)
07 Unknown "Untitled"
08 John Tejada "Labyrinth" (Palette)
09 Maetrik "Work It Remix" (Siteholder)
10 Justin Martin "Get Low (J.Phlip Remix)" (Dirtybird)
11 Maetrik "Envy" (Dumb Unit)
12 Jon Convex "Aversion" (Convex Industries)
13 Femme En Fourrure "2003" (Convex Industries)
14 Jon Convex "Four Faces" (Convex Industries)
15 Accent "DX Jam"
16 Jon Convex "What I Need (feat. Velvit)" (Convex Industries)
17 Good Guy Mikesh "Spare (Axel Boman Remix)" (Ki)
18 Maceo Plex "Your Style" (Crosstown Rebels)
19 The Traveller "A100" (Ostgut Ton)
20 Sei A "Mercy Bass" (Turbo)
21 Jon Convex "Idoru" (Convex Industries)

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