Saturday, November 17, 2012

versa - deep heads october 2012 mix

deep heads' regular versa made a mix with fresh stuff all the way down the minimal/dub axis. well, if you start with maurizio, the mix wouldnt go wrong, right? just a sidenote, seems like the mix was delayed a bit since we are in the middle of november. good stuff is timeless, so no bother...

01 Model 500 "Starlight" (Maurizio Remix)
02 Inward Content "Austere"
03 MRSK "Black Keith"
04 Maurizio "M4.5"
05 Versa "Shadow Movement" (Late Night Refix)
06 Versa "I Awoke"
07 Versa "I Arose"
08 Dual "Untitled 1"
09 Akkord "Persistence"
10 Szare "Leaning Towers of Concrete"
11 Joseph Capriati "Grow"
12 AnD "Memories"
13 Dual "Untitled 2"
14 Stickman "Nappy Heads"
15 Versa & Rowl "Broken"

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