Friday, January 11, 2013

ia mix 87 - annie hall

the madrid born annie hall lives in windsor and produces music on their homegrown label called detroit underground. guess in what style she is active... at the latest inverted audio podcast she shows her multilayered taste of music by selecting some very nice electronica tracks. before you give it a go, check her more electro fuelled remix for the detroit legend scan7 while you go to a free ride on the detroit people mover.

Scan7 - Mental Reaction - Annie Hall remix from annie hall on Vimeo.

1. Tehn 'North Atlantic Oscillation' [Renegade Lights Records]
2. Shigeto 'Hear Me Out' [Ghostly International Records]
3. Canooooopy 'Reassuring XL' [PIR▲.MD Records]
4. Richard Devine 'Oxin2lin (Valance Drakes Remix)' [Detroit Underground]
5. FURS 'Anti Node (Jimmy Edgar Remix)' [Detroit Underground]
6. Rec Overflow 'Watching Trains feat. Norbert Kristof' [Crazy Language Records]
7. Mutate 'Circle2 {Quantum Foam)' [Blank Code Records]
8. Byetone 'Neuschnee' [Raster-Noton]
9. Otto Von Schirach 'Diamond Eyes' [Monkeytown Records]
10. Coushin 'Heild' [Detroit Underground]
11. Servando Barreiro 'fm_hp_rng_rnd'
12. Borealis 'Angelsmoke' [Borealis Records]
13. Vaetxh 'Crumbling Shuffle Final' [Detroit Underground]
14. Quench 'Hallstreak Foles' [Bandcamp]
15. Illuha 'Shizuku' […….. records]

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