Tuesday, March 05, 2013

analog sweden mixtape003 - acid303 by andreas tilliander

andreas tilliander became legend on the swedish electronic music scene by pioneering clicks+cuts genre, nominated to swedish grammy twice and finally has been awarded in 2005. he runs several projects like mokira, lowfour, komp on cornerstone labels like raster.noton, mille plateaux, echocord, etc. he have just released a new album under the moniker tm404, under which he produces ambient dub with only a pack of classic roland tb303 bass synths and 606/707/808 drum machines. so he made a wicked set in the same aesthetics of laid back acid flow. proper awesomeness. on the top of that, get a neat acid dub tune for free by tm404!

01 TM404 - 202/303/303/303/808 (Kontra-Musik 2013)
02 Plastikman - Consumed (M_nus 1998)
03 Rrose - Worn/Scarred (Sandwell District 2012)
04 Abdulla Rashim - Gizaw 1 (Abdulla Rashim Records 2011)
05 Phuture - Acid Trax (Trax Records 1987)
06 Recondite - Petrichor (Tin Man Remix) (Acid Test 2012)
07 Tin Man - Museum Of Acid (Acid Test 2012)
08 Tilliander - Something for Analog Sweden (Unreleased 2013)
09 Varg - Stambanan (Live test #2) (Unreleased 2013)
10 Andreas Tilliander - Cold As Ice (Repeatle 2007)

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