Saturday, March 16, 2013

occult - m.u.d.&innamind show @ march 2013

besides dcult, occult showed up too in the name of innamind x macabre unit on's 6 hour spesh. backed up by beezy on the mic, he was true to his name by spreading shadows and ethereal sound.

Piezo - Ptay (forthcoming Nomad)
Demon - off it (dub)
Demon & Occult - Motive (forthcoming M.U.V)
Slaven - Hand that feeds (dub)
Occult - Harbinger (dub)
Ipman - Mirage (dub)
Ndread - Pinball VIP (dub)
Occult - Coeptis (dub)
Congi & Occult - Netherland (dub)

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