Monday, April 01, 2013

un29 - tm404

after the taipei techno collective's andreas tilliander podcast, the swedish artist returns with his new pseudo to the more experimental serie of the taiwan posse. this time tilliander gives us a push to a neverending floatation in the vast universe surrounded by a soundtrack of a drone driven deep space symphony. awesome stuff.

01.Rune Lindblad - Månens Död
02.Demdike Stare - Regressor
03.Mokira - 20070113
04.Charlatan - Terminal Zero
05.Lee Gamble - Razor
06.Daniel Araya - Underwater Trax vol 1.
07.Shackleton - Powerplant
08.Plastikman - Oxs
09.Varg - Untitled (Live)
10.jgb - Foksid
11.Esplendor Geometrico - P.I.E (version)
12.Grave Temple - The Holy Down
13.William S Burroughs - Nothing Here Now
14.Actress - New
15.The Detroit Escalator Company - Gathering Memory
16.Gin Gilette - Train To Satansville
17.Sendai - Terminal Silver Box
18.TM404 (Smoke Machine Preview)
19.Tilliander - A dub for Holger Nilsson
20.Mokira - Ernst-Hugo in dub
21.Basic Channel - Mutism
22.Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland - 9
23.Spiritualized - Harmony 3
24.The KLF - Alone Again With The Dawn Com
25.Acid Lindgren - Plötsligt i Vinslöv (version)

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