Friday, July 12, 2013

urban player 05 - c0p

i was offered to make a soundtrack for the weekend of the most anticipated hungarian festival to urban player, a blog on fire. instead of a mix fit to the load of loud stars at balaton sound i chose to make a sonic shelter for the weary ear and soul. an uplifting haven during the marching bassdrum menace through the festival by selecting some of my beloved electronica artists. this is a rare guided tour in my kingdom outside the clubs. 

01 nonplace urban field - intro [incoming!]
02 vladislav delay - ranta [chain reaction]
03 lfo - sleepy chicken [warp]
04 isan - evil jinn [morr music]
05 mouse on mars - rondio [too pure]
06 monolake - ping [monolake]
07 the future sound of london - little brother [astralwerks]
08 seefeel - meol [warp]
09 to rococo rot - die dinge des lebens [city slang]
10 the orb - towers of dub [island]
11 mokira - oskari [mille plateaux]
12 pole - fragen [kiff sm]
13 drome - retro dub [kiff sm]
14 richard h. kirk - reality net [warp]
15 aphex twin - alberto balsalm [warp]
16 autechre - gelk [warp]

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