Sunday, February 23, 2014

monolake live @ ego dusseldorf 5 june 1999

monolake's timeless tunes had been rearranged in this 15 years old live recording that robert henke found accidentally today. a lovely flood of mesmerising atmosphere, lush repetition and subtle sounds yet again from the ableton mastermind. just awesome.

"This is a live recording, captured at Ego club in Düsseldorf, June 5 1999. The music has been created with a self written step sequencer, the PX-18, controlling a basic sample player and effects engine, all done in MaxMSP, running on a Powerbook G3. The step sequencer had some unique features, e.g. the ability to switch patterns independently in each track, which later became an important part of a certain music software. I found the recording on a backup disk today. It has not been edited or mastered. During the first 20 minutes of the set, and before the 'encore' the Monolake CD 'Gobi' is playing in the background."

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