Monday, November 21, 2011

dizzie rascal and slimzee 2002 set

here i come with an almost 10 years old grime set. the talented kid long before world wide recognition by the name dizzie rascal is chatting to the rinse fm veteran slimzee known as the king of grime. well, i wouldnt say anthing else, just check the tracklist with wiley, hindzy d, dizzie, plasticman (now plastician), dj wonder, roll deep, macabre unit... watch out, this is a classic grime set where you will hear childish melodies with videogame tones :) here is the youtube link and grab it from mediafire. if you wanna hear slimzee's recent bits, fire his 1st march 2011 rinse set!

Dizzee rascal - Hoe
Big shot - Stomp
Jon E Cash - War
Donaeo - Bounce
Hindzy D - Target
Roll Deep - Regular
East connection - We're ready, Wiley's Devils Mix
Musical Mobb - Bad Bongo Behaviour
Big shot - Vikings
Plasticman - Venom
DJ Oddz - Gangsta
Macabre Unit - Slow Jam
Plasticman - Shockwave
Dizzee rascal - Go
Bigshot - Glitch
DJ Wonder - 8th wonder
DJ Oddz - Bump Dis
Centurions - Midnite
Mr Fidget - Bounce
Wiley - Ice rink
Wizzbit - Poppadoms
Musical Mobb - iceberg
Wiley - reasons

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