Tuesday, November 15, 2011

getdarkerTV.117 - seven, imperial, proximas

seven brings his sixth getdarker presence (pt.26, pt.41, pt.80, pt.58 and a live session). tight sets, quick and sharp mixes ranging tunes from deep beats til party smashers is quite a complete definition of what you can expect from this cool guy. he always pays attention to details and balance just like in his own productions. and if you happen to browse his soundcloud, be sure to check the recent decent clips he upped from the forthcoming lp soon to be landing on bristol's very own black box! more info in this post i made before his show on our gig in pecs. watch the full show on youtube or roll on for the rest.

Seven - Demons
J Kenzo ft Rod Azlan - Ruff House
Seven - TwIlight Horizons
SP & LX ONE - - Hunted
J Kenzo - The Roteks (Ultrasonic VIP)
Biome- persepolis
Kryptic Minds - Can't Sleep - 06 Can't Sleep feat. Alys Be
Biome--industrial vip
Seven and Youngsta - Masia Mara
head Hunter - Clone
Truth - Full Baked
Headhunter - Projector
Biome - Raven
J Kenzo - Therapy
Seven - Wait Vip
Crushington - Acid
kutz - the volt
Seven - Storms Over Mars
Seven - Abduction
SKREAM -Snarled
Seven - Grey Matter
Seven - Bounce To This
Skream - Mood to Fuck (tease)
JAY KENZO - Engage
Chewie - Outpost 31
DJ Madd - The Life You Chose
SKREAM - Darkin It
Seven - Follow the Rabbit
Seven - Feel It

before seven proximas played a wide range selection.


and last but not least, the show starter youngster imperial worths checking too


Von D - Show Me (skreamix)
Matt-U - Hidden
J:Kenzo - Kimura
Distance - Meanstreak
Kahn - Way Mi Defend
Lurka & Commodo - Airtight
Artikal - Alone In The Darkness
Benton - 20/20
Movado - Wah Dem A Do (Coki Remix)
V.I.V.E.K - Sirens
Perverse - Tepidus
Tes La Rok - The Virus
Hatcha & Lost - Albarsha
Pinch - Swish Soap
Dodgers - No 6
Jammin - Go
DJ Skream - Exothermic Reaction
DJ Madd - Function 1
Phealah - Next Phase
J:Kenzo - Protected
Benton - Take Me Away
Icicle - Xylophobia
Jaaku - Galaxy
Ruckspin Vs Lethal B - Untitled
Icicle Ft Proxima - Breathing Again
Jess Mills - Live For What Id Die For (Distance Remix)
DJ Madd - Pitch Black
Kutz & Walsh - Wanted
Von D & Mr Lager - Your My (Ft PhePhe)

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